Saturday, September 25, 2010

09.25.10; Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks

The Dodgers (75-79) played the second game of a three game series at Chase Field against the Diamondbacks (62-92). Both teams had no playoff hopes, but I still like to watch the home team. The Dodgers' bats were limp, so it was a very easy game to score. Plenty of fly outs and ground outs. Oh well. The Dodgers lost 5-2.

     The game was noteworthy in that it was extremely hot in AZ. We had such a mild summer, but now that fall is here, the temperatures throughout the Southwest are blazing. Go figure.

     Also, It was sad to see John Lindsey get hit on the hand. He had to leave the game and was hitless. After 16 years in the minors, it would have been great to see him get to the bigs and rake. He is a great example of perseverance, though. I wish he and his family the best.

John popped out to the second baseman on a 1-0 pitch at the top of the second. He grounded out to the pitcher who then fed the ball to the first baseman on the first pitch to record the final out of the 4th inning. In his third at bat in the 7th inning he was hit on the hand on a 1-2 pitch. He went to first base, but left the game after the inning and was replaced by James Loney.

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