Monday, September 27, 2010

09.27.10; Dodgers vs. Rockies

Ted Lily pitched a gem of a game tonight. He was solid through eight innings and prevented Ubaldo Jimenez from clinching his 20th win of the season. At 34 and due for a new contract, I wonder if this is the last we'll see of Lily as a Dodger.

     Casey Blake played very well. He had three hits, two RBIs and scored a run, which accounted for all three Dodger scores. Moreover, Casey's three hits accounted for half of the Dodgers' six hits. Other than Casey, only Furcal and Ellis had hits. Ellis was the batter who drove in Casey.

     It was terribly hot tonight, so I apologize for any errors on my scorecard. Let's blame it on the heat. I tried something new with scoring this evening. In the lower left of each batter's box, I recorded dots for balls and x's for strikes. That helped me to keep the count. RBIs were recorder as either noting "RBI" in the box or with a dot in the center of the diamond. I think I will stick with writing "RBI" as the dots may be confusing to others who might happen upon one of my scorecards.

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