Tuesday, September 28, 2010

09.28.10; Dodgers vs. Rockies

My scorecard was a mess with all the pitching changes and substitutions.

What an exciting game! The Dodgers went on a third inning tear, scoring five runs. They eventually won by a score of 9 to 7. Kemp and Blake homered and Furcal had the first of his two triples for the evening. Thank goodness Reed Johnson struck out or I would have run out of room on my scorecard.

     Speaking of scorecards and running out of room, the Dodgers relied upon five pitchers (Kuroda, Belisario, Sherrill, Broxton and Jansen). My card only had space for four. There were also some late game substitutions and batting order changes that muddied up my card as well. That is most apparent when Hu pinch ran for Ellis, then was later replaced by Barajas.

Looking over the notes on my card, some highlights of the evening included:

*It was the 50th anniversary of Tedd Williams' final home run.

* Furcal had an amazing night with two triples, a base hit and he scored two runs.

*Blake followed up his excellent performance yesterday with two home runs.

* Kuroda came into the evening with an .036 batting average, but got a base hit, scored a run and laid down a successful sacrifice bunt.

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