Wednesday, March 7, 2012

03.06.12; Spring Training; Dodgers vs. Giants

I have missed baseball terribly. I DVRed this game in the hopes of at least catching a few at-bats. I managed to make it through three innings, but was pulled away due to wind. I had to make sure some young trees were secure in my garden. By the time I was finished, it was too late to keep watching.

     Ted Lilly had a very shaky start. The Giants raked in the first two innings, piling up five runs. I hope that Lilly pitches much better in games that count. A highlight of the game was Andre Ethier's home run, which came on an 0-1 count.

     The Dodgers eventually lost. Oh well. I hope to see one of the two games against the As on either Wednesday or Thursday. I'm curious in regards to what kind of shape Manny is in.

     One fun fact from the game is that Jerry Sands works as a substitute teacher in the off-season. He got a call to sub on the day he reported for spring training. He informed the school that he was going to be busy for the next six months. I hope for Jerry's sake that he has a great year and is able to leave subbing behind. That's a tough way to make a buck!

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