Tuesday, March 13, 2012

03.12.12; Spring Training; Dodgers vs. Angels

I didn't have a lot of time (as usual) so I attentively watched three inning before calling it a night and going to bed to read. The three innings I did see were great, though.

     Jared Weaver looked pretty shaky in the first inning. Dee Gordon got things started with a bunt single. He immediately stole second while Adam Kennedy was at bat, then advanced to third when Kennedy grounded out. Next, Matt Kemp walked on four pitches. Then Andre Ethier hit a double on 1-0 count to drive in Gordon and to advance Kemp to third. Afterward, Juan Rivera hit a double on a 1-0 count (just like Ethier) to drive in both Kemp and Ethier. Hairston walked, then Sullivan and Ellis were retired to end the inning. Good stuff!

     The second inning was forgettable, but the third saw a blast by Juan Rivera. I retired soon after.

Gordon stealing second

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