Wednesday, June 28, 2017

06.27.17; Dodgers vs. Angels

The Dodgers would go on to win 4-0, but I was done for the night well before then.


  1. Wow, that 51-26 record for the Dodgers is awesome. My Orioles started the season something like 22-10, and then flipped it around. Now I'm ecstatic just because they're back up at .500 with a 38-38 record. A bunch of good players have started coming off the DL, and they've just won three straight. I'm hoping they'll continue getting healthy (3 other major players are still on the DL for a while) and raise that percentage back up to contend for a wild-card slot.

    1. It's crazy how injuries can start piling up. It's as if the DL were infectious. Here's hoping your Orioles can get back on the path to wellness and start mashing!